How to Make Rock Hard Bath Bombs

How to Make Rock Hard Bath Bombs

Why pay a fortune for bath bombs when you can make your own for a fraction of the price?

Bath bombs can be quite profitable if you have the time to devote to making them, otherwise they are also a fun hobby and can make wonderful Christmas presents. I’ve been making and selling bath bombs for over five years now. But due to a lack of time I’ve decided to quit selling, which is why I’m now sharing my recipe.

I learned how to make bath bombs just like everyone else, I first found a recipe on the internet and over time and through trial and error perfected the process. A process which I’m now about the share with you. You will still need the practice to perfect your work, the hardest part about making bath bombs is molding it into that rock hard ball but once you have that part of it down the rest is a breeze.


  • 1 Cup baking soda
  • ½ Cup epsom salts
  • ½ Cup citric acid
  • 1 Tbs cocoa butter
  • 1 Tbs shea butter
  • 1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • 1½ tsp skin safe fragrance oil
  • 1 Tbs. distilled water
  • 2 or 3 drops Food coloring
  • Clear plastic snap together christmas ornaments for molds
  • Latex gloves
  • Large glass mixing bowl


You can usually get the best prices on bath bomb molds, citric acid, cocoa butter, and shea butter from ebay. The baking soda, epsom salts,distilled water, and olive oil can be found at your local grocery store.

First melt the butters and oils together, a microwave works well. Then while wearing the latex gloves mix all dry ingredients together in large glass bowl, except for the epsom salts and citric acid. Making sure to mix well, then add the epsom salt and citric acid to the bath bomb mix and mix well. By now it should have the consistency of wet sand.

Fill both sides of the mold with the mix taking care to pack it tightly in the middle then piling more of the loose mix onto the top, so that it mounds over. Push the two halves together tightly and hold for a few moments and then gently unmold by letting each side gently fall out of the mold, take care to not twist the mold.

Next you must allow the bath bombs to dry for at least 24-48 hours, I set mine on paper towels and then after several hours I will turn them so as to not develop any flat spots. And now it’s time to package the bath bombs. Some people use shrink wrap but I don’t believe that they will stay fresh for very long that way. So what I use is either cello bags, which you can find at any craft store or ziploc sandwich bags. Just cut the ziploc top off the bag then place the bath bomb inside and cinch the bag at the top of the bomb using a small rubber band and then tie a colorful ribbon around the rubber band and you’re good to go.

Some Tips

  • If your bath bombs look all warty and bumpy then most likely you’ve either used to much liquid while making them or you’re humidity is just to high. Sometimes spritzing the bombs with a little rubbing alcohol will help, but be careful too much liquid will activate the fizzing.
  • If drying is a problem don’t use corn starch or glycerin in your bath bombs. And you might try setting a fan on them.
  • I’ve heard about some people baking them in the oven for several hours on low heat (200) but I had awful luck with that! Not only did my oven smell like bath bombs which means that you can’t bake in it, but the bath bombs also developed dark unattractive spots.
  • Try using different things such as muffin pans or plastic eggs for molds.
  •  For different coloring options you can use wilton cake colors, candy sprinkles, cosmetic glitter, and colored sugar granules. I’ve also heard that some people use jello.
  • If packaged well bath bombs will stay fresh for 2-3 months before starting to loose their scent.
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Love this recipe. My granddaughter and I are making Christmas gifts of these for everyone!

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